Saturday, November 19, 2011

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around. Now Shut Up About It and Make a Deal.

While there have been heavy doses of sniping and finger pointing since the NBA lockout began, at least it was against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations. That is, until now. Now that the players and owners have moved from negotiation to litigation, their immaturity is even more appalling. These are grown men in charge of overseeing a multi-billion-dollar industry. They are also stewards of the greatest game in the world. They need to stop worrying about convincing the public of who's to blame and get back to work on hammering out a deal. The fans and media will make sure that the finger pointing continues (we'll do our part in upcoming posts), but we're helpless to get the parties past their ridiculous impasse. The players and owners, on the other hand, are just as capable of solving this thing now as they were before the union disbanded and turned the reins over to their attorneys.

So stop talking and tweeting about who has been more greedy and unreasonable and focus instead on getting the NBA machine up and running again. Once that's done, you can argue all you want over who deserves more credit. At least we'll be watching basketball while you do it.

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